Last week was spring break in our area and we didn’t do any exciting trips or anything of that nature for a few reasons. 1.) They are 6 and 3 we have plenty of time for big spring break trips, we want to take them to Disney but want to wait a few years to have a chance to win the lottery. Plus we want to make sure they both enjoy and actually remember it (right dad).  2.) Still in a pandemic and I am still not too sure about getting on a plane especially getting on a plane with two little ones, one of which is a crap shoot on wearing a mask or throwing it back at me and refusing to wear it.  3.) March snuck up on me and we talked about it but never made a firm plan so last weekend we decided we were going to do a semi staycation and just plan stuff for each day and guess what we had more fun, got to sleep in our own bed, the weather was perfect and we all got a nice break for our everyday routine.  So, if you have Spring break coming up, not planning a big trip but want to do something to keep the little ones who are normally in school busy here is what we did.

Monday: Caleb actually had to be at work most of the day but the weather was gorgeous so the boys and I went on a little adventure.  We started at the public library and grabbed some (10) books for the week.  Right outside of our library is a nice play area so they played there until my meter ran out (if you live in the IC area you know) but we weren’t ready to go home quite yet so we stopped at another park and played for quite awhile.  The rest of the day was spent playing outside at home on their bikes and with their cars.  


Tuesday: We took the boys on an outdoor adventure to the Fossil gorge in Coralville, the boys love looking at the Fossil’s and deciding what Dino it may have come from 😅.  Bring your magnifying glass because you never know what you will find! Took a stroll along the water and looked for all the best sticks. After that we stopped at Target where we gave the boys $10 each and let them pick out whatever they wanted.

Wednesday: The days just kept getting better for Aiden, he has been begging to go to Big Grove since the last time we went in October or November because he loves their outdoor space and their cheeseburgers.  We chose to go there on the nicest day of the week so that we could sit outside and not freeze.  We were there for about 4hrs the boys ran around and played the entire time, stopping just to grab a bite of burger then off again. I love being able to sit at a picnic table and watch them play in a confined space while we have apps and a beer.

Thursday:  It was a little bit colder so we planned an indoor activity which after asking them at the end of the activities what their favorite day was, it was this day.  Thursday we took them bowling and then played arcade games after.  We haven’t been bowling since before the pandemic and Mason was barely able to walk so he definitely doesn’t remember it.  They had the best time and loved playing a few games of ski ball after.  We came home and had a pizza party while watching a movie which is always a big hit to be able to watch tv while eating!

Friday: On Monday after the Iowa Women won the Big 10 tournament and we realized that the first 2 rounds of the NCAA tournament were going to be here  I bought tickets for all of us for the game on Friday. Caleb and I were the most excited about this and we thought they would be too but I guess bowling is better than a women’s march madness game.  They did however enjoy eating a giant tub of popcorn and then ice cream! 



Our spring break wasn’t much but it worked for us, and most importantly the boys had the best time and they were excited to find out what our activity was for each day.  Most importantly it was a break from the everyday schedule that we deserved.  It was a chance to have fun as a family, create memories, share laughs and most of all it was a chance to clear our heads to come back refreshed in work and school.  Caleb and I were both EXHAUSTED at the end of each day because it turns out the only way to wear our children out is to have nonstop activities for 9-10 hours a day 😅, but it was a good exhaustion and for that I am grateful!!

Just a friendly reminder it’s ok to take breaks doesn’t make you weak or small.  Taking a break is a chance to refuel and get back into our normal day to day feeling refreshed! Take a break from work if you are feeling burnt out, take a break from working out if you are dreading it or switch up what you are currently doing to keep you interested and excited to do it each day (I can help with that).  Working out shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun and something you look forward to instead of dreading it.  If you are normally a runner but are dreading your run each day, try yoga or lifting weights.  If you are all in on the yoga, try a HIIT class or a long walk.  There are so many different ways we can move our bodies, let me help you if you are feeling stuck and not sure what to do next!