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Frequently Asked

What does working with you look like?

Every new client gets a consultation call so we can get to know each other a little bit and I can find out what their goals are and how I can help them achieve those goals. Each client will receive guidance, motivation and support during their time with me.

I see on your website you do not promote weight loss but what if I want to lose weight or have been told by a doctor I need to lose weight?

I have nothing against losing weight and if your goal is to lose weight I will certainly help with that but we will do it the proper way and sustainable way.

How fast can I expect results or to complete my goals?

This depends on each client and what their goals are, and how much time they are putting into it.

What are the benefits to doing what you offer as opposed to going joining a 30 day challenge or buying a workout from another fitness expert?

A 30 day fitness challenge isn’t customizable as everyone is doing the same workouts, they are usually very intense workouts so that you get quick results but are not sustainable for the long term, they promote macro counting or other food restrictions. Buying a workout from other fitness experts is fine but again if you are just buying a program from their website or app they aren’t customizable so they are not set to your goals or abilities. They don’t offer motivation or guidance on the movements.

Why should I choose you instead of picking something online?

My programs are tailored to what you want to do, yes you can find workouts online but I also offer motivation, guidance and support to help you in this process.

Coaching Packages

Package One: One-on-One Virtual Training 

All workouts are customized based on your goals, equipment and time.  You will receive an initial free consultation call to determine what is the best fit for you.  This package would be for someone lacking in motivation, new to working out or just needs an accountability buddy.

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Free consultation call, deals if you purchase more at a time.

$30/30 Mins

Package Two: 30 Day at Home Workout Guide 

If you like working out and have a basic knowledge of movement but need some motivation and a complete guide on what to do for the month this would be perfect for you.  This guide is written based on your goals, equipment and time.  I send the programs out for 30 days at a time and give you daily to weekly check-ins for motivation and questions.  This is not a challenge, no before and after pictures this is purely for you and done on your own time.  

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Free consultation call, deals if you purchase more at a time.

$75/30 Days

Package Three: Combo Plan, One-on-One Virtual Training and at Home Guide. 

This plan comes with the 30 day workout guide, plus one virtual training session per week, as well as daily to weekly check-ins, for motivation and questions. 


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Free consultation call to get started.